Mo.Ca was created in 2011, initially designed for interior decoration cardboard furniture, having as main raw material recycled cardboard. Today, offers a wide range of products in different application areas, toys, point-of-sale material, among others.
Jorge Sá, project founder, architect, creative and with passion for the creation of design pieces, from the beginning explores applications, potential and structural capacity of the recycled cardboard. 
Craftwork, always present in product development, associated with current technologies and design, results in original, modular, lightweight, transformable and sustainable variety of products with numerous applications.
 It is in our genetics to carry out your projects!

Be recognised as a reference in the production of recycled cardboard pieces, where our customer become a long-term partner.

Sustainable design pieces production, utilitarian and fun, tailored to each customer.

Design - timeless and versatile
Sustainability - recycled cardboard valorisation as a raw material
Tailor made - unique pieces creation, specifically developed for each customer
Innovation - cutting-edge technologies in product development and production associated with the valued human labor